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Boat Detailing & Polishing Service

Let us get your boat ready for summer the quick and easy way..... without you having to do it!

Wash Bucket

Acid Washing to Remove Build-up on the Hull & Leg

Wash Bucket

Detailing & Polishing to Bring Back that New Boat Shine

Wash Bucket

Have Your Boat Ready to go When You Need it

    Mach Boats did a fantastic job with their detailing and boat polishing. I chose the Silver package and couldn't be happier with the results.

--  Cliff Ehnes


Bronze Package - Includes exterior power wash, hand waxing, chrome wiped, glass cleaned, complete upholstery scrub, vacuum, floors cleaned, UV protection sprayed on dash

Silver Package - Bronze Package + trailer & tires washed, deck scrubbed, conditioning applied to upholstery, bathrooms cleaned, UV protection applied to upholstery

Gold Package - Silver Package + complete hull & leg acid wash, total hull polish, covers power washed

Cabin Cruisers - Add 20% to Pricing


Service Price
Polish $ 11.00 / ft
Acid Wash $ 9.00 / ft
Exterior Wash $ 4.00 / ft
Bronze Package Detail $ 11.00 / ft
Silver Package Detail $ 15.00 / ft
Gold Package Detail $ 30.00 / ft