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Boat Engine, Drive, Component Repair & Mechanic Services

Owning a boat is a lot to look after, and sometimes things can be overlooked if you're not consistent. Here are a few things you can do to prevent any problems: Inspect fuel lines and hoses for leaks or cracking, Check all clamps for leakage, tighten electrical connections, and check bilge blower operation.

  • Having trouble starting your boat? Give us a call to help diagnose your boats issues

  • Mach Boats has over 30 years experience rebuilding boat engines & legs

  • We also sell rebuilt and used engines and parts for inboards & outboards

    Every year the guys at Mach Boats to 100% engine & leg lookover, so thankfully all issues have been prevented on my Sea Ray 220.

--  Greg Saggat


Inboard Boats - Diagnosing engine problems, replacing plugs, filters & parts, leg & propeller problems

Outboard Boats - Outboard engines can sometimes be difficult to diagnose. A computer is used to help diagnose most issues because of the electronics in the engine.

Boat Components - Steering cables, navigation & sound components problems, and other general repairs & inspections


Service Price
Inboard Engines $ 100.00 / hr
Outboard Engines $ 110.00 / hr
Components $ 90.00 / hr