Okanagan Lake Cliffs

Boat Shrink Wrapping Service to Prepare your Boat for Winter

Anyone storing any kind of valuable asset should seriously consider shrink wrapping it. The value it brings protecting colors, gelcoat, tops, and interior makes it worth it every time.

Wash Bucket

Shrink Wrapping your boat saves you time & money in the Spring when its time to get your boat water ready

Wash Bucket

We can schedule a mobile shrink wrapping if your boat stays on the lift year-long

Wash Bucket

Our Shrink Wrap material protects your boat from UV damage, is strong enough for snow loads & can be removed quickly


Boat Shrink Wrap - Our premium shrink wrap prepares your boat for any kind of transportation or storage.

Mobile Shrink Wrap - Boats can be shrink wrapped on the water for an additional charge.

Venting - We put venting on all boats that are shrink wrapped because of the temperature changes & humidity issues that Okanagan weather brings.

Dehumidifiers - We install a dehumidifier system in all our shrink wrap projects to guarantee moisture won't be an issue.


Service Price
Boat Wrap 1-24' $ 11.00 / ft
Boat Wrap 25+ $ 13.00 / ft
Cabin Cruiser $ 14.00 / ft
Zipper Door $ 25.00
RV Shrink Wrap $ 15.00 / ft
Mobile Shrink Wrap $ 130.00 +