Kelowna Lake Cliffs

Add Boat Upholstery, Biminis, & Wakeboard Towers

Mach Boats can install a new or used bimini or wakeboard tower on nearly every boat. Call us to find out how we can save you a few dollars using pre-owned materials.

Wash Bucket

We Can Replace Faded Vinyl on Hatches & Benches, Fix worn-out Cushions & Rotted Seats

Wash Bucket

Install a New Bimini or Wakeboard tower to give your Boat More Appeal & Add to its Capabilities

Wash Bucket

Upgraded Upholstery can put the Life back in your Boat. Save Money not Buying Something New

    Mach Boats sold me a wakeboarding tower and installed it for a fraction of the cost that the other guys quoted me.

--  John Seymour


Upholstery - All Vinyl in your boat can be replaced with the same color or any color & pattern. Carpets can also be swapped out if they are worn. Use UV Protection Spray to maintain the colors of your new upholstery.

Biminis - Biminis add the option of having plenty of shade on your boat. They can be built & mounted from scratch & also built and mounted to a tower if that's your preference.

Tops - Tops can shrink & discolor if care is not taken and they are not put on often. Rivets can also break off on your boat and rip on the top. Good tops also protect the interior condition of the boat in the summer & winter.

Wakeboard Towers - A wakeboard tower can be installed for people that want to be able to wakeboard and wakesurf more easily. Speakers on the tower can also shoot sound for anyone being towed behind the boat to enjoy. Towers will fit on nearly any boat.


Service Price Range
Bench Upholstery $ 300 - 3000
Bucket Seats $ 250 - 1000
Hatch Upholstery $ 400 - 1500
Bimini w/ Frame $ 1200 - 3000
Bimini Canvas $ 600 - 2000
Wakeboard Tower $ 1200 - 5000
Summer Canvas $ 900 - 4000
Winter Cover $ 900 - 4000