Okanagan Lake Cliffs

A Boat Winterizing Company with over 30 Years Experience

The most common engine problem we deal with is frozen blocks or frozen parts. Don't make this costly mistake by forgetting to do winterize your boat!

Wash Bucket

Acid Washing to Remove Build-up on the Hull & Leg

Wash Bucket

Detailing & Polishing to Bring Back that New Boat Shine

Wash Bucket

Have Your Boat Ready to go When You Need it

    Don winterized all three of my sea doos for a very reasonable price

--  Nick Stewart


Basic Winterizing - Includes Water drained from block, leg, manifold, pump, hoses, heat exchanger, & power steering. Batteries, hoses, & drain plugs disconnected. Add fuel stabilizer, antifreeze flush, cover leg, fog engine.

Standard Winterizing - Basic Package + change engine oil, oil filter, & gear oil. Grease all fittings, steering, & shaft.

Complete Winterizing - Basic + Standard Package + Check gimbal bellows, water intake, water pump impeller, u-joints, engine alignment. Grease universal joints.

Water System - All types of water pump & ballast systems, toilets, air conditioners, & heaters.


Service Price Range
Basic $ 328 - 590
Standard $ 376 - 670
Complete $ 405 - 740
Water System $ 145 - 275