Lake Cliffs

Boat & Watercraft Fiberglass & Gelcoat Repairs in Kelowna

Has tying up to gas stations and poorly designed public docks given the side of your boat a beating? Don't worry, this can be quickly repaired to get your boat looking like new in no time!

  • Gelcoating can fade color and get worn down over time, but this can be remedied

  • We offer insurance estimates for fiberglass damage caused by storms and collisions

  • We repair & rebuild any component made with fiberglass; matching colors and patterns, start to finish

    I had an older boat with quite a bit of gelcoat cracking. When it was time to sell I hired Mach Boats to fix the cracking and color. The work definitely paid for itself!

--  Logan Brown


Fiberglass Repair - Fix scuffs from the dock to get your boat back in shape. Repair major structural damage caused by a storm or collision.

Gelcoat Repair - The gelcoat contains all your color, and offers mild resistance to knicks and damages.

Boat Decals - Decals get damaged over time, but can be totally redone or matched to existing.


Service Price
Fiberglass Work $ 100.00 / hr
Gelcoating $ 100.00 / hr
Stripes & Decals $ 80.00 / hr